10373507_10152420807865789_3022281868705205371_nOne of the names that Artemis was known by was Artemis Pheraea, or “Artemis of the Beasts”. Here we see one of the current residents of the Temple in Jerash, which was apparently full of her and all of her relatives! (photo credit: Maggie Froelich)

Artemis Pheraea!

Time for a Makeover

Because I am graduating in a couple of days, I now hope to have more time to keep this blog updated. I’m starting with a complete makeover! Yes, I know… you can’t actually read a lot of the posts yet. I’m working to fix that. But, stay tuned! There is a lot of “Artemis Stuff” that I have saved up, and will be posting soon!

Animal And God

In the iconography, god and animal are intimately associated: the bull appears with Zeus, the bull or horse with Poseidon, the ram or he-goat with Hermes, the stag or roe with Apollo and Artemis… Many of these figures represent in turn the favoured sacrificial victims of the god: bulls for Zeus and Poseidon, stags and goats for Artemis and Apollo, rams and he-goats for Hermes, and doves for Aphrodite…. Following a custom which stretches back to Çatal Hüyük and beyond, horns, especially bull skulls with horns, bucrania, are raised up and preserved in the sanctuary, they mark the site of sacrifice as eloquently as the stains of blood on the altar. The Horn Altar of Artemis on Delos, which was made from goat horns, was famed as one of the wonders of the world.


~Greek Religion, Walter Burkert 1985 (p.65)

Fire Rituals

The Argives fetch fire for their celebrations in Lerna from the distant sanctuary of Artemis Pyronia…

…And yet the cult of Artemis Laphria comes from Calydon, where the cult place existed in Geometric times with the earliest temples being built in the seventh century. The myth associated with her cult is older still; the Illiad tells of the anger of Artemis which led to the Calydonian boar hunt and finally the death of Meleagros; he died, according to the original, pre-Iliadic version, when his mother Althaea placed back on the fire a log which had been torn from the fire at his birth: a reflex of a sacrifice through destruction by fire. Clearly related are the Elaphebolia of Artemis of Hyampolis and the festival of the Kouretes in Messene.

~Greek Religion, Walter Burkert, 1985 (p.61-62)

More on Artemisia vulgaris!

Adventures and Musings of an Arch Druidess

I wrote about Mugwort as a magical herb on my kid’s blog. However I did not recommend using it internally. I have personal experience in that and unless you want your head blown off I really don’t recommend taking it internally. Incense is a better bet. Especially if you have no idea how open you are to otherside visitors and depending on the time of year.

When I was learning Haedery, (A form of Scottish traditional witchcraft) we had a Samhain ritual that was amazing however, I forgot what a strong medium I can be when someone wants to make contact and we all took mugwort tea during ritual. And then someone blew the doors off. A very, very, very upset person who only spoke very archaic Gaelic. Someone whose energy was verging on deity status. I thought my head was going to explode from the inside out. Someone no…

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Artemisia vulgaris!

The Littlest Druid


This is mugwort. Used for helping to gain a light trance state. Good for divination and psychic work. Bitter when used as a tea. Do not use internally unless you are over 18 and have someone with you. Incense is better. Medicinal uses: Great for remedying insect bites and stings. Can be crushed and applied straight to bite. Since it can grow intertwined with nettles it’s goid to know it’s the antidote to that too.

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Vaginas Rule!

Lisa Brown, silenced on the Michigan House floor, helps read ‘Vagina Monolgues’ on statehouse steps

Isn’t that cool? I love the Vagina Monologues. The first time I saw it was at the Claremont School of Theology. The Vagina Monologues are a contextual performance piece. Where it is performed is just as important as the performance itself.

The exact thing that Lisa Brown said that started off this firestorm was, “Finally, Mr. Speaker, I’m flattered that you’re all so interested in my vagina, but ‘no’ means ‘no,'”

While quite eloquent and amusing, Rep. Brown may have touched upon a sensitive nerve among the men on the floor. You see, vaginas are actually vitally important things. In fact, the entire human species depends upon them. Not only that, but throughout Nature, males are biologically programmed to be preoccupied with them.
Not all males, of course. There is a little something called male homosexuality that interrupts that process, but generally, in Nature, the overwhelming rule of thumb is, males compete for the privilege of being chosen by females. Females choose males. Nature has granted the female of the species the right to choose the contributors of the next generation’s gene pool.
To males, Nature has given the right to compete in the game. Who will she choose? Will it be the guy with the brightest colors? The one with the loudest, most beautiful song? The one that wins in physical confrontations with other males?
Will it be the one with the flashiest car? The loudest woofer? The one that plays guitar in a rock band? The one that plays the best basketball?
Humans, being the incredible clever and complicated primates that we are, have carried the rules of the game to a dizzying level of complexity. Males compete for females by showing off their bodies, their earning power, their engineering expertise, their musical skills, their technical skills. Sometimes, females are willing to have sex with a male for a simple cash exchange. Sometime it takes a more elaborate exchange (a ring, car, and a house). Sometimes a female will choose a male because he will be a good husband and father. Sometimes because he is a bad-boy, and none of those other things. Sometimes she’ll choose the bad-boy to make the babies but the good husband/father to raise them (it’s best if no one knows about this arrangement).
Males go through all kinds of strategies for the simple privilege of having access to a vagina. Further, I would be willing to bet that every male in the House of Representatives that day has used numerous strategies in their lifetime to do this, and that some strategies have been successful, while most have not.
However, no one likes to be told “no”… especially when it comes to vagina-access. Because, simply, that means that you do not measure up as a male… you have failed to successfully compete. Your genes may not be passed on, and you have just lost your another chance at immortality.
The Hebrew Bible tells us that God made Man first, and then created Eve from Adam’s rib. That is totally ridiculous. If one has to say that there was one sex created before the other, that sex would have to be the female sex. That is the only logic that makes sense.
Furthermore, all this business about men wanting to control women’s reproductive systems is not new. That is all that men have EVER done. I’ll even go a step further… all of the “stuff” that men do… everything from inventing things to making money to making war to building cities… all of it, is in service to the competition to be the one with the access to the vagina.
Thought of in that way, VAGINAS are kind of the ultimate power in the universe (or, at least on this planet).
So, yes, Mr. Speaker… No STILL means NO. Get over it.